Beadlush parties are a great way to unwind after a long day at work with your pals, or bring in some friends and celebrate any occasion with us! Bring snacks and beverages of your choice to make it awesome.

Private instruction and parties are available by appointment only. If you’d like to schedule a private party with us for your group of three or more, please call ahead to let us know so we can provide you with a dedicated employee. We also are available for after hours parties with a minimum of eight crafters.

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Make & Partake

We’ll guide you through the construction of this fun project while you enjoy the company of your friends and other partakers!

The Make and Partake projects are designed to be simple to assemble and on trend for today’s style. Look forward to new project every month!

Prices vary.

Lookin’ Sharp Necklace

The “Lookin Sharp” necklace which is very customizable with a variety of options. The project can be done with crystal points, or thorn glass beads and we have a great selection of colors in each style of bead for you to choose from.

$20.00 for glass beads

$25.00 for crystal or stone


Marvelous Mala Style Necklace

Make this fashionable mala style necklaces that will be as unique as you are! Select from large assortment of stone beads and IMG_0628finish with leather or chain. Top it off with a cluster of charms, a large statement pendant, or even a tassel. Class includes all materials except large focal pendants. Lots of choices!

$23.00 + Pendant (many choices in price and size)


Love Beads 2-in-1 Necklace/Bracelet

lovewins_makeandpartakeThis project will create a color blocked necklace that also doubles as a wrap bracelet. We’ll help you measure your wrist, create a pattern and finish the project. You get to select $5 in charms or focal beads from the floor and assemble a beautiful project for your wrist or neck from our bead stash!


Superduo Wrap Bracelet

superduoleatherwrapMake a stylish single wrap leather bracelet by weaving Superduos together. Superduo beads have two holes and are fun to work with. They come in a ton of colors and you can use many combinations to customize your look.


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